Time: our one true currency


It's not about money, it's about time  

In a social world, we define ourselves by how we spend our time. We covet our dreams, and we share our experiences. We save our time for new discoveries. It is the power of these dreams that sets the value of our moments. It is the size of these dreams that drives the level of our commitment and the depth of our sacrifice. We live our lives in search of priceless moments, and put utmost value in the people, places and products that posses the potential to reveal them. We do not dream of better bikes, we only dream of better rides.

Experience: the time that counts


It's not what you do, it's how it feels  

Amazing experiences are charged with emotion and leave lasting impressions. There is no experience more loaded with community, discovery and invention than cycling. With an unlimited variety of ways to love bikes and riding, and a unique power to stimulate the senses, cycling provides unmatched potential for creating emotional connections. The simplest machine, bicycles manufacture the emotions that spark desire and drive consumer actions.

Brand: partners on the ride


It's not what you say, it's what you prove  

Brands do not create experiences, they are partners on the journey. We choose brands for emotional reasons, and through our connections build personal relationships. We think of brands with human attributes, and curate them for values, attitude and behavior. We demand their best effort, and we respect their expertise, but the strength of our relationship is based on their honesty and authenticity. Our highest praise is reserved for brands who prove to us they understand how we feel, who reflect our priorities, and who share our vision of a priceless ride.

Insight: Finding space to connect


Unless you know me, you can't see me  

Insight is the understanding that sparks ideas and solutions for riders. But with great products everywhere, we have go beyond the bike to understand, and live, the entire cycling experience. On bike needs are critical, but to connect with riders today, we must see how motivations, values and attitude are equally important as drivers of desire. When we know riders, we can create the spaces to put our brand together with our core consumer, benefit from diversity in a fractured market, amplify emotional bonds and enhance communication.