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Bicycle industry product and brand strategy

Brand is an identity, not an outfit

We are brand architects and strategists, not product marketers. We don’t do ads, we don’t do tag lines, and we don’t do costumes or lipstick. Instead, we develop brand foundations. We maximize your most valuable asset and use it to anchor product vision, communication and decision making. 

Insight is understanding

Cycling insight is our strength, and we have vast experience in product development. Enough to see that in a brand first market, great bikes are not enough. We can help you understand how the motivations of riders are just as important as their priorities and why insight is critical to understanding how to create spaces where riders can discover your brand


Today, we know brands

In our social world, there has been a fundamental shift in the way that we see and interact with the brands that create things we want. Today we know them. We know how they do things and why they do things, we communicate with them and collaborate on ideas, we follow their experiences and develop emotional connections. We know our brands

……..And this changes everything.


Authenticity is paramount

Consumers no longer look up blindly at brands as heroes and idols, they’re looking for trusted advisors, partners; cool friends. They are less concerned with your inventions and capabilities, which are expected, and more concerned with your relevance and your support of the activities they love. Riders build strong personal relationship with brands they support, and strong relationships first demand authenticity and honesty

……..And this changes everything.


brand first

Nobody needs a gumball

The Gumball Factory works with brands providing elective products and services - things that we want - driven by consumer desire. When riders choose, they are drawn to those brands who are capable, relevant and authentic.  When desire is your objective, Brand is your asset, and as such, Brand should be your starting point and your guiding light in everything you do. Brand First means that Brand is your strategy. Sustainable growth, innovation, communication, employee engagement, and value creations; they all start with Brand. Brand First means you build your brand, not your business. Expand your brand, not your product line. Sell your brand, not your technologies. Brand First will define the successful companies of the future – but why is brand so critical, and why now? 

We aspire to experiences. We have always lived for special days. Amazing experiences become our cherished memories, collected moments, the payoff for our labors. But today we share our dreams, we traffic in emotion and we inspire others with the allure of priceless experiences. We are suddenly dissatisfied with ownership and possession as meaningful goals; we need to be in it.  Cycling is a powerful and vital experience, charged with emotion and capable of delivering priceless moments. It’s our desire for that unforgettable ride that determines our level of sacrifice and investment, and it’s the potential of the moment that will limit the brands we can trust to deliver it. 


day-in-the-life insight

Culture & Customs

  Over the last 20 years, insight and technology have driven an explosion in cycling performance, and today we expect control and efficiency from any new bicycle or product. Improvements in design and manufacturing have elevated products to the point that technical differences are minor, and often, indistinguishable from your competitors. Technology is given, its everywhere, and this means that insight has become the crucial component in creating rider desire. Insightful products reflect the priorities and motivations of riders, and on-bike insight is the first piece in the puzzle we call desire. 

However, we can no longer create new value for customers simply by understanding how they interface with products. Connecting emotionally requires that we study the customs and culture of the riders who we create for, and that we understand the feelings that charge their ride. When we ignore Day in the Life insight, we risk relevance, because we don’t see an accurate vision of where we fall in the hierarchy of the experience. Innovation requires understanding the essence of the total experience, and the feelings of riders beyond any specific performance category. And because creating a direct personal relationship is the ultimate goal we must understand the motivations and values of our customers in order to create the spaces where we can be together.