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The Gumball Factory was inspired by a series of observations. The bicycle industry has evolved to meet the needs of its primary sales channel, and that channel is changing. While brands and retailers are scrambling to react to the changes and reimagine themselves, many of them are unaware that several other critical trends are converging at the same time. 

The internet. We are well aware of margin pressure and online price cutting, but what many brands fail to grasp is that riders’ consumer journey no longer occurs inside a bike shop. Shops play a, sometimes powerful, role as influencers, but the decision rarely begins within those walls. 

Technology. Technology is ubiquitous. It is everywhere, and it is expected. We no longer celebrate technology for itself but rather for how it is applied to simplify our lives. As technology continues to improve, the ability of riders to understand its intricacies declines. We nod our heads, but we don’t get it.

Performance. Our insatiable appetite for new and better products fueled a performance explosion across the industry. Today we can find excellent performing bikes from almost any brand. The marginal gains we now chase are often indistinguishable by the market, and while true differences exist, they become less relevant to our experience.

Communication. Communication in the bike industry has historically been a one-way transfer of features and benefits. Today, the world of consumer products is built on two-way communications. Riders desire a direct personal relationship with brands and we seek out those brands who provide it. 

The industry is changing, along with the larger world of consumer product design. The Gumball Factory was established to help your brand navigate these changing conditions and come out stronger.

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